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Here is a quick list of some of the best online nursing school resources – some of them have additional information on other careers, but when it comes to nursing, they’re a plethora of great information, bar none:

#1 - Healthcare & Nursing Career Resource Center | DOLCESF
#2 -
#3 – – nursing section and other resources

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how to start nursing school

By: Alexandra Yates (Alex also authored this dental assisting career guide article).

This article is one of many, here’s another on the most respected nursing Schools in Phoenix online.

One of the easiest ways to start nursing school is to find some type of guide that helps you see the best ones – these are usually compiled by websites that can help you get your education started, which will kick start your career as you learn, get certified and then start your internships.

This isn’t too different from picking a marketing or advertising company in Arizona to do a campaign for you – checking out different companies, comparing what they have to offer, and going from there is the best way to go about it.

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the joys of a nursing career

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Nursing is a unique career – while other healthcare careers can be somewhat similar, nursing is a beast of it’s own – the education can be complex to learn and the job is always changing, always new.

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how do we take vitamins into account?

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as a nurse or doctor (really, anyone in patient care), we always want to be doing all we can be for the patient – this puts us in a unique position, because it forces us to ask questions and get to know the patient, so we can draw conclusions (even if they don’t want us to know something, or are trying to hide it)

and, of course, as a nurse, you can’t let them know you assume they’re lying… most patients would get quite upset, lol – however, when a drug is causing side effects and you know there’s a correlation, that’s not the time to try to figure it out – this is another reason why the patient’s history and a thorough “check-in” are parts of the keys to success

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When Will Science Catch Up With Alternative Healing?

James is an alternative health buff. He’s read this review of reiki infinite healer, as well as other reviews of Reiki Infinite Healer (RIH). He firmly believes that this Reiki infinity healer review gives the best insights.

For those of us that are a little more medically minded, alternative healing methods like reiki have gone a little over our head. That’s okay, because the good news is, for those of us missing out, science is catching up.


There are many more studies on reiki and other alternative healing methods, which is nice confirmation for what the ancient civilizations have been practicing for years. Most people can agree that reiki is at the very least relaxing.

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