Financial Spotlight: GCBAdvisors, Retirement Specialists

When it comes to finances, we generally feel like we’re at the mercy of our jobs, our employers, and other people. Little do we know we have so much power. When it comes to managing and organizing your life, the biggest piece of the puzzle is finances.

Today we want to highlight a local business doing great things for people. The wealth and money service firm, GCBAdvisors, is helping consumers primarily with tips for their retirement plans, as well as their early withdrawal distribution calculator. So even when your plans aren’t going your way, they also have other strategies to put in place to help smooth out the harsh transition.

They include checklists, things you can learn from and research to get ready for your retirement age, as well as other tidbits of information that are very relevant and helpful. Included are tips on wealth creation, an early retirement, what you need to accomplish this and more.

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Understanding the Best Rice Cooker Features & Options

Scottsdale-based website,, is an unique resource, chock full of information on one of the most popular kitchen appliances: rice cookers. Since the grain is such a big part of some many family’s everyday diet, most individuals are now understanding the need to invest into smarter technology to cook their rice more effortlessly.

With the help of the ratings on NMHMF, as well as customer reviews that are aggregated all in one place, it’s never been easier to do your research and order online with confidence. A good place to start is their buyers guide, which walks you through the process of factors you should consider when purchasing online. Some great ideas are discussed in here, including the technology you’ll be looking to invest in.

At the end of the day, the type of cooker you invest in is going to depend most on your needs. If you’re mainly searching for a cooker that’s best for brown rice, well, you better make darn sure the one you choose has a good setting for that particular kind of grain.

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Boomer’s Detector Guide: Resources for Detectorists

Metal detecting has been a popular hobby for a long-time. My friends say it’s because of the thrill of the hunt, I just think most old dudes don’t have much today once they reach retirement age (I kid). In all seriousness, there’s some detectorist pulling up some awesome finds and digs. I was impressed when I did a little more research.


Today we wanted to feature Boomer from Boomer’s Detector Guide. He has an awesome guide to help you pick the #1 best metal detector on the market today, regardless if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert in the field. There’s also a section for choosing the coolest beach detector, which is waterproof, and allows you to hunt while wading in the ocean (apparently that’s a great place to search for rings).

You can find out more by visiting his Boomer’s Best Metal Detector Guide presentation, which is also similar to his Best Metal Detector on profile. Both are useful and will get you set on the right path.

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Rock Star Acupuncture, Most Serene Studio in Phoenix

Put simply, acupuncture is the process of working with your body to help facilitate healing. This is done by the use of thin, tiny needles, which are inserted into specific spots throughout your body. Depending on the goal you’re looking to achieve, the strategy changes, but is always based on ancient, traditional techniques.

Today we’re spotlighting Rock Star Acupuncture, one of Phoenix’s best, calming studios. Michelle has helped hundreds of clients, as well as their friends, get relieve, work together to help nagging injuries, and stay healthy.

Rock Star Acupuncture
3835 N. 32nd St Suite 3
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
(602) 478-4004

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#1 House Cleaning Phoenix Company in Arizona


When it comes to finding a cleaning company to hire in Arizona, it takes some research, time, and some networking, but it’s very possible to find one in a short amount of time (mostly thanks to the Internet). These days, there are dozens of Phoenix house cleaning companies online with reviews, contact information, and pricing.

In the past, you’d have to call around, network with people, and look for sales. Now, while it’s smart to ask friends what they think, you can do a lot of the research online yourself, and be talking with the right company in minutes, literally. No phone book necessary.

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Featured Company: Elegant Homes for Sale in Arizona

Did you know? The Union Business Resource is built on WordPress, one of the easiest blogging and website platforms available for free. FSG recently published an awesome tutorial on how to learn WordPress, you can check out their announcement here: is the #1 resource for everything luxury living within Arizona. They feature the best spots, restaurants, businesses and even home listings. Their AZ Luxury Homes listing page is filled up with the best homes within Paradise Valley, Phoenix and Scottsdale (three of the most popular cities within the state).


They also offer information on luxury services and companies within each city on AGRS, which is great for when you’re searching for something specific. You can find the city listings on their main AZ Luxury Homes at (or the Scottsdale Luxury Homes article). If you haven’t built your home yet, they also know many contractors and builders.

Also, it’s worth checking out this pest control Phoenix guide, to learn more about protecting your investment and getting rid of the creatures that can damage your property.

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Featured in Marketing:, Phoenix Search Marketing

This post was put together by James Copper. He wrote this Chandler Garage Door Repair article, this garage door repair chandler az blog, three Chandler Arizona Garage Door Repair Expert profiles, and also writes often for the J. Burns LLC group. Thanks for your contribution, James.

When it comes to online and Internet marketing, one of the most effective, beneficial campaigns you can run is called search engine optimization marketing. It sets the best foundation for your campaign, and allows you to extend out from there.

Today we’re featuring Scottsdale-based Phoenix SEO firm They’re the #1 go to experts for this type of marketing within the Valley. They do marketing campaigns for Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert, as well as all of the surrounding cities.

You can view the video above on YouTube for Phoenix SEO to get more information about B. M. Barks and the firm. They run lots of different kinds of campaigns, so we’re confident you’ll be able to find what you’re looking to utilize for your company.

Editor’s Note: they also wanted me to mention that you can find more about the expert company services from their local Phoenix lead generation guide on Medium, as well as the founder’s LinkedIn profile for Valley-wide marketing in Arizona. Use these to get in touch fast.

They’ve also been published on LinkedIn: Best Phoenix & Scottsdale SEO Company Talks Expert Agency Services (Featured in their marketing category). And their Phoenix marketing company on BrownPaperTickets.
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